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Член ассоциации "European Driveshaft Service"
Член ассоциации
"European Driveshaft Service"

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ремонта карданов

Drive shaft repair and manufacturing in St. Petersburg and throughout Russia

By today, KARDANOV.NET company is the country’s leading network of service centers for drive shaft repair and manufacturing being a member of European Driveshaft Service (EDS), European network of service centers for drive shaft repair.

Our 9 branches in 6 cities of Russia form a single system united by technology, equipment, warehouse and technical support service.

We make quality repairs on drive shafts of all models of commercial motor, light motor and light commercial vehicles. Modern technology using close control equipment provides for a safe life of repaired drive shafts. Our strong points:

  • The largest warehouse of drive shaft components in Russia,
  • German equipment in use,
  • Staff being trained in Germany,
  • Time to completion of any repairs is 1 working day.

Having a great experience at the Russian drive shaft market we also provide for wholesale and retail of drive shafts and their components.

The company supplies drive shafts and components for heavy and special-purpose vehicles Scania, MAN, MB, Iveco, Volvo, DAF, Liebherr, as well as for light motor and light commercial vehicles. Top 1000 drive shafts are always available at the warehouse.

We also supply shafts and U-Joints for special-purpose vehicles of Mechanics 4С, 5С, 6С, 7С, 8С, 8,5С and 9С series, shafts and components manufactured by Walterscheid for agricultural, municipal, forestry and special-purpose machinery.

Saint-Petersburg, Sofiiskaya st., 127, building 5
Saint-Petersburg, Moskovskoe rd., 25, building 5
Saint-Petersburg, Revolutsii rd., 84

In 2015 company
has received ISO 9001 certificate

Стоит только позвонить:
+7 (921) 855-85-06
+7 (812) 622-07-43


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